Hi, I'm Jasmin and welcome to Dressed in Black! I'm currently based in London, UK, but reign from sunny southern California. My background is in social media marketing, though I'm currently pursuing my Masters in International Marketing. Stick around to see what I get up to! 


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30 Mar 2020

14 Feb 2020

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10 May 2020

A lockdown means no picnics in the park, but that doesn't mean you can't have one indoors.

Now, I LOVE me a picnic. And when I saw this picnic basket on my way out of our apartment building back in February with a note that said "Free Picnic Basket -...

7 May 2020

Do you sometimes look at your wardrobe full of clothes and think to yourself: I have nothing to wear..?

We've all been guilty of this, and it's honestly such a silly thing that humans do. I've definitely done this. But as I've gotten older, I have fil...

11 Apr 2020

I have a folder of photos on my computer called "London 2019-20 " and I like to look through it every now and then. It is full of so many beautiful memories and I love seeing how my experience here is unfolding. A picture is worth a thousand words af...

30 Mar 2020

What crazy times we are living in.

Today marks Day 8 of Boris Johnson's lockdown, and I've decided to stay put in London when so many of my classmates have elected to go back to their respective countries. Honestly, it's sad to think that our time tog...

14 Feb 2020

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and love, I felt like writing something more personal for the blog.

I don't think I've ever really explained the meaning and story behind my rose tattoo. Not that anyone needs to know why I got a rose or if anyone even...

19 Jan 2020

Oxford, England - this makes UK town #3 since I've moved to London. I really need to get out the city more because there is so much to see in the UK. And Oxford did not disappoint.

I've said this before, but as a self-proclaimed city girl, small towns...

14 Jan 2020

If you know what your Hogwarts house is, can recite the Harry Potter films, or are just interested in film-making, a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is 100% necessary on a trip to London.

I had been to the studios on my last trip to London back...

12 Jan 2020

Now I do not claim to be a fashion expert. In fact, I even feel kind of silly dedicating a section of my blog to FASHION. However, it did occur to me that this blog is called Dressed in Black and it makes sense to share some of my favorite looks. Bec...

10 Jan 2020

I have always wanted to visit Belgium - the chocolate, the fries, the WAFFLES?! It sounded like a dream come true, and visiting during the Christmas season? An absolute dream come true.

My sister and I arrived via train from Paris, with a transfer in...

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