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The Cream Trouser


Do you sometimes look at your wardrobe full of clothes and think to yourself: I have nothing to wear..?

We've all been guilty of this, and it's honestly such a silly thing that humans do. I've definitely done this. But as I've gotten older, I have filled my closet with staple pieces that can easily be swapped in and out of past "looks." It's honestly been life changing - I fully recommend.

In this post I will talk about one of those staple pieces I've had in the back of my dresser that hasn't had the chance to shine until this week. And that is this beautiful pair of cream trousers from none other than Target. It still had the tags on - from LAST SUMMER! They don't even fit me properly anymore as I've lost some weight since I moved to London. But I do believe these pants make the outfit, and best believe I'm going to teach myself how to tailor.

I will happily admit that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to outfits that I actually do refer to quite a bit. I just love putting together outfits and often fantasize about being a stylist. I honestly believe I'd kill it. As we approach the warmer months and as I'm in Europe, I've been especially inspired by the romantic/vintage Italian summer aesthetic. Like I put together this outfit and listened to Harry Styles' Fine Line album all day. (Harry Styles in linen pants is my forever aesthetic, tbh).

Aside from the pants, this outfit is all thrifted! This is one talent of mine that I'm particularly proud of. And clearly, my ability to style outfits as well ;)

Cream Trouser Pants - Target

Red short-sleeve turtleneck

Corduroy jacket

Red Stan Smith Adidas

I challenge you to put together new combinations of pieces you already have, and you will be impressed with what you can come up with!

Jasmin xx

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