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KBBQ | Pochawa Grill

Girl at Korean barbecue restaurant

Restaurant store front in London's China Town

Front of a restaurant

neon sign in shop window

man in front of restaurant

interior of korean barbecue restaurant

Girl at Korean barbecue restaurant

A clean grill at Korean barbecue restaurant

A full grill of meat at Korean barbecue restaurant

A table of food at Korean barbecue restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, Pochawa Grill is the latest KBBQ restaurant to hit the town and rightfully shot right up to the top of my London Bucket List. For those who haven't tried Korean barbecue or Korean food for that matter, this is such a fun spot to go with a date or friends. We went with a couple of first timers to the world of K-Cuisine, and they enjoyed the entire culinary experience. I mean, what's more fun than cooking your own meal at a restaurant? Of course aside from eating it.

Braving Chinatown on a sunny Saturday during London summer at lunchtime, we were anticipating a long wait before we could be seated. Pochawa Grill operates on a no reservations, walk-in only basis, but we were pleasantly surprised to be seated straight away. We got lucky because by the time we finished, the place was full of people. I know that in the evening it gets packed, but the disco ball in the middle of the restaurant explains it all.

We were a total of five people and we ordered a feast. We took Kimchi Jeon (a kimchi pancake), beef Japchae, and Kimchi for starters; split their special menu item Kimbok Retro Dosirak and two of the Signature Combo BBQ sets - which came with sides of lettuce, Pamuchim and garlic & chili. Everything was incredible. Pochawa also offers Soju and soju cocktails, which is a must with KBBQ. I've watched enough k-dramas to know so. And as the KBBQ veteran of the group, I had the pleasure of grilling the meat - it's typically mine or my sister's role when we go. To be honest, I absolutely love it.

Overall, the experience was 10/10 and I highly recommend you pay a visit to the vibiest KBBQ spot in town. Bring a friend or five - I guarantee it will be a fun time!

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