London Memories - Halloween


Continuing the blogpost series of London memories - this time with Halloween!

Halloween has crept its way into my heart pretty recently. Obviously I loved it as a kid (because of the free candy) then come middle school and high school, wasn't that into it. But then all of a sudden I'm an adult and have a newfound love for it. There's something about getting to dress up - and even better when you get to do it with a group!

For Halloween 2019, I wanted to dress up as the robbers from La Casa de Papel AKA Money Heist. It's a super easy costume (literally a red jumpsuit and a Dalí mask), so it wasn't hard to convince some friends to join the heist. But then I learned that the Brits and the other non-Americans are not that into Halloween. However, being the determined little American I am, I created the infamous Halloween group chat and the rest is history.

I have lots of footage from the night, but in respect to my fellow colleagues, I'm only sharing the best and most appropriate ones. But believe me when I say that this was one of the best nights out of the school year and fittingly was also the one that started it all for our Hult London fam.